Holistic Life Designs International welcomes you to facilitate your teachings through Sacred Journeys, Mystical Retreats and Workshops at Sea.

Ask our Event Planners how could you make this dream come true. Where in the world do you wish to explore and experience first hand?

Photo by Cunard Lines:

Cunard's Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth in Sydney, Australia

We are global advocates of Holistic & Empowered Living who host Sacred Journeys and Mystical Retreats; Workshops at Sea, on Land and Online.

Welcome, Friends!


Welcome to Holistic Life Designs International! We look forward to getting to know you.

Make yourselves at home and feel free to help us create a safe and respectful space for all people to learn together, have fun, and make a difference in people's lives.

Our aim at Holistic Life Designs International is to help people be empowered to redesign their lives and live their higher purpose with a touch of romance. Through the wisdom of our collective experiences, we guide men and women towards the path of their personal healing and freedom across time and space. We share our insights and wisdom on how to acknowledge and live with our own power, passion and potentiality.

Love all. Live joyfully. Channel peace. - Gina Alzate

Faculty: Holistic Life Designs

Gina Alzate, M.S.

Annmarie Cantrell, M.S.

Villia de Koningh

Sandra Larson, M.S.

ReGina L. Norlinde

Gilya Toueg Zelinger

Co-Hosts: World Radio 365

Gina Alzate
ReGina Norlinde
Larissa Glueck

Joan Branch
Jan Diana
Villia de Koningh

Margaret Hargett
Sandra Larson
Russell Forsyth
Carol Fitzpatrick
Laurie Bornstein

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Modern Mysticism. Ancient Mysteries. Metaphysical Therapy.


Gilya Toueg Zelinger - Mystic Kabbalah: Manifest with the Code of Creation

  • What if you could manifest the life of your dreams thru the meaning of the symbols and sounds you make with your words, would you learn it?
  • Join Mystic Kabbalist, Gilya Toueg Zelinger, for an enlightening Journey to Manifesting with the Code of Creation - The Secrets of the 22 Sacred Letters, the genetic code of all creation. Learn the Sacred Numerology, Gematria, and the meaning of the 10 Sephirot, The Tree of Life.
  • Gilya teaches from Tel Aviv, Israel.


Sacred Journeys. Mystical Retreats. Workshops at Sea & Online





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